The quest for antique and estate jewelry includes purchasing from individuals. For those who think about getting rid of a jewel, nothing better than addressing who understands and is capable of appreciating its value in the best way.

Vendôme Jewelry is an expert in the field. Our competence and reliability assure you first a free and real estimate of your jewel and then a firm proposal that will result in immediate liquidity.

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We often get up in the morning, we choose the clothes we will wear; we arrange and, to finish, we look for among our jewelery sets that whim that will make us feel exceptional. The day may not be anything special, but we do so special. It gives us confidence.

Jewelry is your faithful reflection

From always, the jewels are a symbol that is modified according to the time of the life. When we are born, one of the first baby gifts will be, possibly, a medal, a slave or some earrings if it is a girl. As the baby grows older, various events will always be accompanied by jewelry that will be kept for a lifetime: the first watch, the first bracelet, the first cufflinks, the first solitaire of diamonds, the tie clips … All these memories they will go little by little marking the personality of each one.

Over time, there will be moments that we will remember especially for that jewelry we visit. Surely that boutique will be part of our desires and culture. We will go to the jewelry store to reward ourselves with a personal achievement, or it will be part of important decisions such as the purchase of a request ring.

And when we travel, we will surely dedicate a few minutes to select what jewelry we will take to walk through our destination. It will be a way of telling the world who we are and how we feel. We will even look for the most emblematic jewelry of our holiday destination to get the jewel that most reminds us of the trip and who we travel with.

The jewels tell a story

The jewels are part of the human experience. We have adorned ourselves, from the beginning of time, even with necklaces made with seeds and roots. They have always been an emblem or perhaps the symbol that denoted that you belonged to a group or a tribe.

Many times we wear jewelry as part of an inheritance. It can be a unique piece that has been in our family for generations and will continue in it until we want. The jewels tell a story, from the past and the present.