The quest for antique and estate jewelry includes purchasing from individuals.
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In general, taste jewelry is a way to verify the value of a particular piece of jewelry. So, with this evaluation you can determine how much the jewel is worth.

Some of the criteria for taste jewelry

To arrive at a specific figure for the value of the jewelry, the appraiser will observe several aspects that he will have to evaluate and combine to obtain a final price. These elements are:

The metals of which it is made, the type of alloy and the weight.

Whether or not it has precious stones and their characteristics, in addition to their quality and degree of purity. The value of the gems can vary greatly from one gem to another. Precious stones can be carved and treated in many ways that may or may not increase your valuation. The origin is also another added value of the gem. An emerald from Colombia, or a Burmese ruby, already have an added value.

It must be borne in mind that in order to taste jewelry, the weight of the gems and any other element that is not metal must be discounted in order to calculate the exact weight of the metal.

Antique of the piece to taste jewelry

The condition of the piece, its conservation, its history and its antiquity will also be relevant; In addition to the manufacturing processes and their origin, whether they are handmade or not, and if the design is exclusive. Is it a jewel from a recognized jeweler? And, what time is it? Is it an ancient or modern jewel? What origin of the world has the piece? Did it belong to someone famous or to a monarchy? How many exist in the world like that?

Therefore, once all these elements are known and to evaluate the manufacturing process, you will be able to have the ability to taste jewelry. Of course, it is only recommended that it be by experts.