‘Solitaire rings’ are the favorite way to declare love. Son of the most elegant and dazzling engagement rings, a classic, an icon of pure beauty. The symbology is clear: when a woman is given a solitary ring, the ring brings the whole timeless dimension of the precious stone. Then the love that professes is like the jewel: indestructible and eternal.

The classic design of the solitaire rings

Solitaire rings has not been lost over the years. It is a piece present in the traditions of marriage. Tiffany, who was the first to incorporate six plastic legs to hold the bright. This allows the stone to shine much more by being suspended in the air.

Although it seems that only solitaire rings are carried out a stone, it is not like that. In the Renaissance, the jewel was transformed and there may be a large diamond accompanied by smaller ones. Actually, when we say solitary it does not refer to the ring but to the main stone.

The ring can be gold, silver or platinum. Today, this jewel is reinvented and a place and classic style depending on the materials and colors prevailing in the setting of the jewel.

Solitaire rings are not just for brides

Not only brides wear this type of ring. There are some countries where the tradition is to give a child to girls who turn fifteen, or later, when they are of legal age.

Men can also wear solitaire rings. Here the meaning is not linked to eternal love. Men like to wear this type of ring as an aesthetic complement, and more and more, those who come to see this type of jewelry.

The rings are only finally an elegant jewel, discreet and combinable with other types of rings.