In recent times, jewelry trends have evolved greatly for special occasions such as important events or engagements. Ring designs have become as diverse as the women who wear them. Sapphire rings are the preferred choice of luxury lovers. It is one of the most expensive stones, above the emeralds, rubies and brilliants.

The design of Sapphire Rings

If it is a special occasion in life, as an important event, the ring designs made of white and yellow gold are perfect. The combination of these two colors, together with the blue of the sapphire, produces a singular and seductive effect.

The symbolism of a jewel can come through the size of a precious stone. The heart shape is an endearing option for a jewel. A ring with this shape can be amazing in yellow gold with small brilliants surrounding it to enhance its discreet beauty.

Rose gold, a rising trend, is also used with sapphire rings. It is a mixture of colors that produces a subtle and romantic effect, one might say almost childish. It is an elegant and original complement.

Sapphire rings for a bride

Any of the rings described here could be used as an engagement ring. If the bride likes the color blue, it is clear that the sapphire would be the stone to accompany her always. If so, you could hit with a classic design. The double rings are perfect: two rings that hold a large sapphire in the middle can be the ideal design for brides who love vintage style and elegance.

Undoubtedly, the styles of sapphire rings can be varied. But it will always be an elegant and balanced jewel, ideal to wear it on great occasions.