The ‘engagement rings’ are more than a radiant jewel. They are a duty, an agreed obligation of spirit and love for all life. Style is very important and has to be adapted to the personality of the person wearing it. It will be part of the life of the couple from the moment of their election, with what should be a timeless and lasting jewel in the life of both.

Types of ‘engagement rings’

The choice is very broad because there are as many styles as brides’ personalities. We go with some of them:

For brides looking for simplicity, the minimalist cut is the right one. A simple hoop with a precious stone is a good choice.

Another type of ring that is very striking and very current is the one that crisscrosses different rings of thin bands. These can be topped by a diamond that gives the perfect finish to make it an unforgettable gem.

If what is pursued is extravagance, the grouped rings are the ideal complement. It consists of combining different styles, shapes and colors in a single ring integrated in a single piece.

If elegant ‘engagement rings’ are sought, white gold combined with pink gold crowned with a teardrop-shaped stone is a classic. Oval cut stone rings are also a good choice, especially if combined with a simple thin band.

In addition to the bright ones, the colored gems are also quite demanded for bridal rings. The color can be given by the main stone or the lateral ones: sapphires, emeralds or even rubies give a bold touch at the same time as elegant.

The triumph of the past

To finish, we make special mention to vintage engagement rings. It is a style that fascinates and that can be very attractive for brides who like precious stones. A beautiful ring with bright grouped in the shape of a flower is very elegant and fascinates for its classic beauty.