There is a precious stone that stands out for the attractiveness of its color and its proximity to the purity of nature. It has the color of hope and its brightness and iridescence are dazzling. We talk about the emeralds. Both emerald rings and other gems with these gems are complements with a strong character.

Emerald rings, coveted from always

The color of emeralds is so beautiful that there is emerald green. The green is balanced, very recognizable and combines or contrasts perfectly with other stones such as bright, rubies or sapphires. It is such an attractive and legendary gem that it captivated Cleopatra, one of the most influential women in history. It was his favorite stone and he used it for being very flattering and because, besides, it was his talisman to get wealth, power and influence.

One of the highest quality emeralds that can be found is that extracted from the mines of Colombia. The purity and the magnificent blue-green tone make it unique. Therefore, rings with Colombian emerald are expensive and sought after pieces of jewelry.

Traditionally, emerald rings are mounted in yellow gold. But its pure color stands out even more with white gold or platinum. The designs of rings with several rings, with combinations of different golds, and with asymmetrical designs are on the rise. There are original rings with striking mixtures of precious stones.

Combine emerald rings

The green tone of the stone makes these rings exuberant pieces that contrast and combine with most accessories. They are a very chic jewel that always stands out due to the scarcity of this gem, and its price.

In conclusion, emeralds are a classic, elegant stone that never goes out of fashion and that is easy to combine with prints and neutral clothes.