The rings are a complement that has always been fashionable. Since time immemorial, women and men have liked to wear rings on their fingers, since they stylize and give a unique character to each person. What they change are the materials and the combination that is made between them. The latest trends in modern rings are bold colors, original shapes and materials that succeed in all jewelries.

The design in modern rings

The precious stones reappear with force; Mixing different sizes in the same jewel, the effect is very attractive and current. Oval, round, teardrop-shaped stones are becoming very popular. They are used both in rings and in necklaces, thus making perfect sets for use on special occasions. The brilliants, rubies, sapphires and emeralds are precious stones that endure in all times and that today continue to fall in love with us.

Warm gold tones

Although white gold and platinum have long been the most popular color for rings, pink gold has been reintroduced in recent years. When this gold began to be seen years ago, it was a novelty and a modernity. But over time, it has become a classic. Today, the boom of mixing metals in jewelry makes it easier to create very novel designs and pieces never seen before.

Some of the modern rings will resort to using several rings in one, making the piece wider, but without losing the delicacy of the jewel.

At the same time, we also see modern rings with large precious stones as a solitaire. They are pieces that triumph between engagement rings.

And another new trend is to join several rings to create a dazzling effect. It is a way for oneself to experiment creating new pieces from others.