As the seasons and seasons change, fashion is renewed. In this case, we are not referring only to clothing, but also to accessories. The new jewels are the perfect way to give a different touch to a look, from big earrings, to daring necklaces and rings. But the most surprising thing is the return of a renewed classic: the modern brooches enter with force this season.

Modern brooches renovated

Contemporary jewelry is the right complement to give an interesting look to any outfit. The return of the brooches gives the opportunity for many of them to be taken out of jewelers from other eras, or they are totally modern brooches created in this season. In short, it is the resurgence of a jewel that has often been unfairly labeled as old.

Not only do they add originality and novelty to the garments, they also look elegant. We would even say that it can give a touch of eccentricity depending on the modern brooch that is used.

The most interesting thing about the brooches, is the effect it makes on a garment. If a brooch is inserted in a classic garment, such as a jacket, it changes at the moment, it will look like another. If we talk about modern brooches, the impact is immediate. The garment will look different, becoming the person who chooses the brooch in a kind of designer tailor.

Customize an outfit

Modern brooches are a good way to add originality to a model. A brooch strategically placed on the flap will ensure that the jacket, shirt or dress stands out among the whole. They can replace long or hanging earrings, producing a dazzling effect without the need to recharge the look.

To finish, we can say that modern brooches are the most versatile jewelry there is. Combine with formal or informal attire, for day or night; and for all kinds of garments, from jackets to hats or bags.