If there is a jewel that stands out for its elegance and for being the most attractive in jewelry, it is the necklace. And those that stand out above all are the diamond necklaces, since they are considered the most attractive and flattering. This neck-tight necklace should only be worn in a look that is consistent with this precious jewel.

The exclusivity of diamond necklaces

The world is full of talented stylists who make the necklace a coveted art object. Among the most elegant necklaces we have diamonds, they are the top ten of the jewels in all ages.

This timeless jewel, usually uses gold (in all its variants) or platinum. The white color is the favorite of the classic era. Nowadays the yellow and pink gold necklaces are also making their foray into the market.

Diamond necklaces are usually associated with more conservative women. But increasingly they are more popular because the designs are more novel. The classic is reinvented and the bright ones are used to form flowers, stars, or asymmetric abstract figures.

With what look they combine best

This jewelry can be used with any type of glamorous clothing. It must be a look that is not too casual. This style never disappears and goes perfectly with garments that have a boat neck. It is also an ideal jewel for strapless dresses or without them.

They are also ideal for brides who decide to wear low-cut dresses. A set of short earrings that matches a bracelet and a diamond necklace can make the bride more than ever the center of attention of the ceremony. It will be a memory for a lifetime and the style can be chosen to be the most appropriate with the dress.