Diamond bracelets are a piece of jewelry that hangs gently around the wrist. It is an elegant jewel that provides a special touch to both men and women. There are many styles and types of bracelets, since the designs and materials can vary in the making of them.

Types of diamond bracelets

A bracelet that became very popular in the seventies, is the Rivière tennis bracelet or bracelet. It was famous because Chris Evert, at the United States Tennis Open, stopped the event to search for it. It is a diamond cord with the same size, size and purity. The bracelet is discreet and sophisticated; and can accompany formal or informal looks.

Other kinds of diamond bracelets are the hoop type (thin and rigid). The wristband should float on the wrist without being adjusted. It is common to see several stalls at once, either bright or combined with other types of precious stones or metals. This peculiar way of wearing them, should be cautious, since you could detract from the role of diamonds instead of highlighting them.

The diamond bracelets with pendants are also a highly valued jewel. This jewel, which had its heyday in the fifties, is articulated and in it different pendants are inserted. The result of the bracelet is really spectacular. The value of these pieces is difficult to calculate because each pendentif has a strongly sentimental and significant load.

Types of materials for making bracelets

As a general rule, white is the color that is always associated with diamond bracelets. But they are also dazzling in yellow or pink gold. Even today, the combination of three colors (white, yellow and pink) is in full swing.