As time passes, the trend in fashion evolves. The same goes for jewelry items, which change every year and every season. The looks are temporary and combine with modern jewelry to which are added small novel details that give the current touch.

Modern jewelry, memories of other times

You can not say that everything is invented in jewelry, but many of the items we find are reminiscent of the past.

The reasons for nature, to the most faithful Art Deco style, come back with force. We find bracelets, brooches and rings with snakes, insects and other animals decorated with enamels or precious stones.

The anklets, for example, adapt again to this era. The chains on the ankles with pendants and pearls are causing a furore, especially in summer.

The bracelets with precious stones of different colors, are the ideal complement combined with earrings of the same style. The size of the earrings tends to be long and full of stones, pearls or corals.

Pearls are often the protagonists of dresses, shoes, bags and all kinds of accessories. In modern jewelry they are also an indispensable element. As for the necklaces, the simple chains adorned with medals, crosses and amulets give personality to casual looks. Another fashionable element is the brooches. This accessory, which was forgotten and often dismissed as old, returns to show off in many lapels giving a chic touch.

The asymmetry on the rise

Among the modern jewelry, the asymmetric adornments are also fashionable. The rebellion returns to the world of fashion with pendants that evoke the punk era. The combination of different slopes returns with strength. If what is pursued is a more formal style, we also find asymmetrical pieces made with gold and bright in pendants and necklaces.

Do not stop combining modern jewelry with old ones. The effect can be very flattering if you mix them with the right clothes.