Goldsmithing consists in working different materials such as gold, silver or bronze, for the creation of different objects. As far as the tableware is concerned, there are many items that can be considered luxury because of the value they can achieve; either for the materials, the work they carry, the seniority or the origin. One of the most valued crafts is the French Silver Plated Decorative Object, with great tradition and renown since the early nineteenth century.

French Silver Plated Decorative Object in tableware

The specialized goldsmiths are able to create wonderful pieces that bring the majestic touch to the art of the table. It will be those details that diners will not forget and will be pleasantly surprised.

France is a country with a great tradition in the manufacture of domestic trousseau: trays, table runners, saucers, tureens, ice buckets … A variety of items that accompany diners to enjoy the ceremony in a spectacular way.

Christofle and the French Silver Plated Decorative Object

The jeweler and goldsmith Charles Christofle deserves special mention. This Frenchman, dedicated from the beginning of the XIX century to study and to work the processes of plating. His technique cheapened the costs of luxury goldsmithing, with what could become popular among French bourgeois society. Thus, his company could compete with the English and the American, to the point that the French Silver Plated Decorative Object surpassed them and acquired their deserved international renown. The company was called Christofle, and it still exists today.

Thus, the style he used was so exclusive and exquisite, that Napoleon III made several commissions. The line of the pieces was quite eclectic. Therefore, we can find them very striking and ornate, with Baroque and Rococo forms. Or other much more stylized and sober, more Louis XVI style.