Everyone, without exception, appreciates the porcelain of ‘Vieux Paris’. It was created by numerous artisans based in Paris and its surroundings from the mid-eighteenth century until the Second Empire.

Eclecticism in the ‘Vieux Paris’ style

The personality of this type of porcelain varies according to the time. Thus you can find pieces of different styles such as Renaissance, Gothic, Rococo or Neoclassical. Today, dishes, vases, figures, bottles, perfume bottles and all kinds of accessories with great value for their design and exquisiteness are preserved from this era. The dishes of this type have a special charm that leaves anyone who enjoys it on special occasions surprised. If you have one, you will probably be a lucky person because you can boast of it as well as delight your guests.

Not all the porcelains of this time in France are from the ‘Vieux Paris’. Although it is true that there is no single brand that identifies it, there is a series of artisans and factories that are famous for this type of work. As an example we have Jacob Petit, and Edouard Honore; and as factories, special mention should be made of Sèvres and Limoges.

Decoration of the ‘Vieux Paris’

The elements of nature such as birds, diverse flowers, fruits and other applied decorations are frequent as decoration. Gold and enamel are also recurrent in this type of pieces.

Depending on the food that is offered on special occasions, do not hesitate to take out the complete set of dishes. There can be more than 100 pieces that include plates, cups of soup, tureens, different saucers and trays of various sizes. There are even other types of less common containers that normally do not exist in the daily dishes such as the under-plates, the exclusive dishes for asparagus and those for snails.