Day by day, in simple meals and dinners, a tableware is used as a mere practical instrument. But there are some that are stored in a privileged space of a showcase and that are only taken in deserved occasions. There is a wonderful and worthy set to admire as is the antique tableware.

Antique tableware for special occasions

The real attraction of antique tableware is that it has a story behind it. The design, color or quality is appreciated. These dishes have an emotional charge from families able to acquire them in the mid-nineteenth century. Nowadays, if you have the privilege of having any, it is probably to be used only on special occasions, to surprise diners.

How is antique tableware

The antique tableware is made up of delicate pieces of porcelain decorated with soft colors, more or less ornate. The motives that were used to beautify them were roses, lilies, elements of nature or watermarks. There are some with motifs painted in gold and others with the initials of the family. All these details give them more value and make them true exclusive gems.

Two of the most famous and sought after are the Limoges or the Vieux Paris, both French and highly valued by collectors. When a table is set with any of these two types of vintage tableware, it can only be a sign of elegance and sophistication. We are talking about nineteenth-century tableware of hard-paste porcelain, milky white and bright. Undoubtedly the value of these dishes is the quality of the pieces and the decoration of each of them.

And finally, serving coffee or tea in vintage cups can also be a ceremony. Nowadays, luxurious service sets are preserved that are perfect for exquisite meetings.