Glassware has fascinated cultures around the world for thousands of years. They are part of the tableware, the ceremonies and the toasts. The ‘antique glassware’ are the most appreciated to make any event memorable and give it a solemn air.

The most popular ‘antique glassware’

Everything that accompanies a banquet is part of a ritual. This will be unforgettable not only for the delicacies that are offered, but also for how they are presented. Putting the table to the point, involves choosing carefully the tableware, flatware, table linen and glassware. And of course, a good wine or drink that is served, will always be better remembered in ‘antique glassware’.

Glass is one of the oldest materials and is closely related to history and cultural techniques. All the old glass goblets have an incalculable handicraft job behind. Until the middle of the sixteenth century, the glass was opaque or dyed. The Venetians were the first to produce transparent glassware, a process that did not extend until the seventeenth century throughout the world.

Because of the fragility of the glass, the ‘antique glassware’ are a luxury item that only a lucky few can count on. There are some reputable firms that continue to this day such as the Saint Louis Cups, originally from France; those of Murano glass, in Venice; or the delicate Moser crystal glasses, originally from the Czech Republic.

An unforgettable evening

Any of the pieces named deserves a wine or champagne from the best wineries because surely the occasion deserves it. It’s funny how the aroma and flavor of a drink changes depending on how it is presented. When it is served with any of these ‘antique glassware’, the moment will be almost magical and hard to forget.