Every time we have a celebration, we will surely do it with a meal or dinner. The presentation of the dishes and the tableware will be carefully considered by the host so that the guests never forget the event. To provide a magnificent glassware or eat with an antique flatware, will be what makes the act truly special.

Luxury antique flatware

It can be said that one of the most used inventions every day in the world, is the cutlery. The man managed to create the basic flatware out of sheer need. Since ancient times, the evolution of materials and forms; and the evolution of society, give identity to the flatware we have today.

Interestingly, the origin of the word covered comes from a tablecloth. In the Middle Ages, the cutlery was covered in the table to avoid that they were manipulated and contained some poison. Anecdotes aside, when the table is set and the food is expected to be special, one of the most important elements is the flatware, and if it is antique flatware, we will make sure that everything will go perfectly.

The difference is in the materials

There are different companies spread around the world that have exquisite cutlery of immeasurable value. Most of the antique flatware is made of solid silver. There are also pieces of old gold flatware that belonged to classes of nobles, rich and royalty. Many of these pieces can be finished off or adorned with incrustations of other materials such as bone or ivory. There are even some with precious or semiprecious stones.

Apart from the material, also the value of the cutlery is in the seal of the house that made them. In addition, it was customary for families to purchase cutlery by order and request that they be engraved with the initials or their own heraldic stamp.