The religious medals are very versatile pieces since they can be merely ornamental or have different meanings. There are messages, commemorative or religious symbols.

Religious medals, classic and current accessory

These pieces of jewelery have existed from Roman times until today. The design is marked by the shape, size and materials used to make it. The most classic usually have icons as virgins and saints with solemn images that represent religion. These figures can be worked in relief, in noble metals such as gold or platinum, or be independent pieces that are later incorporated into the medal.

Although they are usually disc-shaped, they are also polygonal, with a teardrop design, or with the silhouette of what they represent as a virgin.

Messages on the medal

It is very common for one of the first gifts of a baby to be a religious medal. It is part of the tradition to give it to children at religious events such as baptisms and communions. But nowadays, it is also an accessory more than fashion. The tendency is that they are used for ornamental purposes and combined with other types of jewelry in different chains. Another way to carry them is to combine different sizes in the same chain.

The techniques and materials with which master jewelers work these pieces are very different. Enamel is a special mention, with which wonderful effects of lights and colors are achieved. Art Nouveau and Art Deco were two incredible epochs that produced true works of art using this material. Finding a medal of these periods with enamel worked in fenestrated or in plique-à-jour, is common. The final effect is amazing because the enamel is applied by hand, layer by layer in a way that is suspended in hollow cells, thus allowing the light to pass.