The crosses are jewels whose value will depend on the time and the materials used. Their origin will also be important, since they are usually linked to memorable dates such as births, communions, birthdays or weddings. But they can also be simply a whim, there are real works of art that can show off at any relevant time.

The crosses are an expression

This jewelry item is an emblem that has existed for many centuries. It is normally related to Christianity, but it also appears as a symbol in Chinese and Egyptian culture. It is the concept of divinity par excellence, it is a solemn jewel at the same time as elegant. They are part of famous collections of many personalities and real houses whose value is incalculable.

Far from always being a Christian symbol, it surprises the amount of ways and styles that this piece can adopt. It can be very simple, made only of wood, or formidably worked with precious stones or pearls.

A memorable gem

Silver, gold and platinum, are the metals par excellence to work this type of jewel. Depending on the tendency and the style of the artisan, if it is Christian symbolism, the figure of Christ or simply the cross can be represented. In the 20th century, around the 1930s, Art Deco was the driving force behind precious jewels and many magnificent pieces of jewelery. There are platinum and yellow gold with diamonds, a very exclusive trend of the time.

This piece today is still a jewel very valued to show off in different events. Depending on the act you go to, it can be a nice complement to the current fashion. They go well with discreet or wider necklines for the most daring women. Although to a lesser extent, men can also wear them, everything will depend on the style of each one.