The Religious Medals and Crosses are peculiar gems because they are normally used with various intentions. On the one hand, they are ornamental pieces, but on the other they can manifest different feelings, symbologies or events. If it is a cross, it could be a cultural or religious symbol, above all it is related to Christianity. And if we refer to a medal, the symbology may be different depending on the motive used. In general, we can say that most people have religious medals and crosses that are preserved since childhood and are unforgettable memories of the past. They are remembrances and dates to remember of special occasions such as births, religious celebrations and commemorations.

Types of religious medals and crosses

The materials used for making religious medals and crosses will be the determinants of the aesthetics of the pieces. The value of the jewels will depend on the time, work, precious stones, exclusivity and originality.

The work of the jeweler will focus on the size of the precious stones, the composition of the piece, or the work of the metal used. Gold, silver and platinum are the most used noble metals. And the most valued gemstone is, without a doubt, the brilliant one.

In the case of medals, if they bear a religious or commemorative figure, they can be worked in gold, ivory, enamel, jet, or profiled with precious stones. The crosses can be simple with two pieces that form the cross, or carved and enriched with diamonds, rubies, or another type of stone. In Christianity it is very common for the figure of the crucified Christ to be incorporated. In high jewelry, they are jobs where the jeweler looks more like an artist than an artisan.

They mark a trend

The religious medals and crosses are jewels that start from the tradition and that are currently a trend. Even today it is common to wear these jewelry together, above any religious feeling. They can be combined with the same chain or in two at different heights.