Watches are the best known way to read the time and are part of the most appreciated jewelry. Fashion evolves with society, as do accessories and jewelry. The case of watches is very peculiar as machinery, materials and design evolve.

Antique watches as a fashion accessory

The first ones date from the end of the 15th century. It was the time of the pocket watches, wonderful pieces with chain that the most elegant gentlemen wore in the vests. Wristwatches will not appear until the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century. At first they were thought for women. For men the meaning of these contraptions was exclusively military.

The first wrist for women were accessories considered jewelry. In the 1960s, color adds a new touch of femininity to this accessory, which is combined with clothing or other accessories such as shoes or purses.

Antique watches: a must-have accessory

The curious case of antique watches is that they have a utilitarian and a merely plastic part. The part of the designer and the jeweler is fundamental, but the mechanical part is essential. We must remember that it is an instrument of precision and ingenuity. Leaving aside the machinery of the clock, if we focus on this accessory as a jewel, there will be as many styles as looks and moments in the lives of men and women. The size and materials will be a determinant of the time and character of the article.

The most impressive are gold or platinum decorated with precious stones. Large watchmaking firms are famous for the creation of these gadgets whose models date back more than fifty years and are still on the market. The brands are recognized for their quality, exclusivity, and, above all, for the social status they provide.