The solitaire ring is one of the most popular pieces in jewelry stores. It does not matter if it is a unique jewel or that it is part of a set of earrings and necklace. What characterizes this piece is that it is formed by a single stone that is usually precious.

Lonely ring par excellence

A diamond ring is the solitaire ring par excellence. Also, if you have to choose an engagement ring, this would also be the most popular. Solitary diamond rings can be ostentatious with large stones, or simple and more modest. It does not matter what the personal preference is since it is very easy to adapt it to each particular style. But you do not need to be committed to wearing a solitaire ring, since they are a basic piece of any jeweler worth their salt.

The configuration of the solitaire diamond ring depends on the personal style. The most common metals to set the stone are yellow gold or white. But materials such as platinum or rose gold are also used, which are highly valued in fine jewelry. Everything depends on the taste and trends of the time

Traditional and elegant

In general, a solitaire diamond ring is the perfect engagement ring, as it symbolizes pure and eternal love. The ring itself is traditional and elegant, with which millions of women around the world are gifted with this unique piece of jewelry. But not only women use it. Men also choose this type of pieces, many of them are famous, because they give them prestige and in some way, power. In addition, the style does not have to be classic. It is not strange to see Brad Pitt, Johnny Depp, or the previous monarch Don Juan Carlos, wearing a solitaire as part of the dress.

Becoming fifteen or coming of age is also often rewarded with a solitaire ring. Therefore, there is no age, style, celebration or sex that prevents a piece like this from appearing when we feel like it.