The ring is a jewel that has gone through all eras: from prehistory to the present day, it has always found its place. Rings of gold, silver, copper, platinum, wood, or even elephant hair; the rings are a social, symbolic adornment that has evolved to our day.

The first gold rings

The first known gold ring is found in Ancient Egypt. Only personalities of higher status took it as a social symbol, or to sign and authenticate documents using it as a seal. One of the best known is that of Ramses II.

In Ancient Greece gold is not the most used metals. The preferences were directed towards silver or bronze.

In the time of the Romans, the rings had a strong social symbology. The metal that was used had its own meaning. Gold was a symbol of freedom, while iron was a sign of servitude.

In the Middle Ages, the gems set in copper, bronze, silver or gold had an extra value. Many rings were considered talismans.

The gold rings in the current era

Finally, the progress of jewelery technology, metallurgy, the use of new stones and cultured pearls allow work in jewelery not seen until now. Gold rings become expression and fashion. Many times they are a tendency marked by temporality. White gold, yellow, pink, or the combination of the three can be fashionable. Imagination is infinite and true works of art are made where precious or semiprecious stones also become the protagonists.

Many times the trends are marked by public figures who are sought after by jewelry firms to carry their luxury items.