One of the most sought-after and sought-after gems is one that has precious stones. Both women and men can be identified with a jewel, a diamond ring is part of the identity of the individual who wears it.

Diamond Ring and gold, the perfect combination

It often happens that when we talk about a jewel, our mind goes directly to the image of a ring. They can be extravagant, simple, elegant, commitment … Whatever the style, the combination of diamond rings is always one of the best.

The diamond takes millions of years to form. For this to happen, the conjugation of temperature and pressure of the Earth must be perfect. After obtaining it, the diamond must be cut and carved. It is here when the brilliant is born, and it will be the size that will raise the jewel to the highest point. Next, the combination of the diamond with a precious metal will be the key.

Glamor in history: stones and rings

At any time in history, it will always be the hands that most identify a character. And it is no secret the interest that a diamond ring jewel lends. Many women, icons of their times, wore the most famous rings in history. Next, we name some of them.

Diamond ring Grace Kelly of Prince Rainiero III 

This Grace Kelly ring is the definition of elegance. A brilliant of more than 10 carats is guarded by two baguette-cut diamonds. The fairy tale story of the princess could not have another more memorable gem.

Diamond ring Audrey Hepburn by Mel Ferrer 

Audrey Hepburn set the trend to wear three rings together. She wore the three that Mel Ferrer gave her in white, pink and yellow gold, all with a diamond of exceptional size.

Mia Farrow diamond ring by Frank Sinatra

Mia Farrow received an impressive engagement ring. It was a 9-carat solitaire with pear-shaped carving. Despite how little their marriage lasted, the ring went down in history.

Diamond ring Elizabeth Taylor de Richard Burton

Liz Taylor was married eight times and had the opportunity to receive magnificent rings. Of all its commitments, Richard Burton’s ring is the largest. It is so unique and great that it is known as Elyzabeth Taylor Diamond. In addition, she was so proud of her ring that she wore it practically every day.

In short, any of these rings can inspire you, and be part of your dreams or your reality.