The old rings are coveted for being part of the story and for having their own personality. If we talk about an engagement ring, surely it will have been used daily. On the other hand, if we talk about a specially commissioned one, it will come out of its case in a few occasions.

Whether for a special occasion or not, rings are popular with men from all walks of life.

Ancient rings, reflection of humanity

Since mankind discovered how to work metals, man managed to create all kinds of ornaments and jewelry. The variety of models is as wide as the imagination, and the styles vary according to the trends of the time. The old rings are a sample of it. Today, the classic designs of the past are very much appreciated, even more than when they were created.

Jewelry is evolving according to civilizations. The Greeks sought to represent the gods, mythological beasts or included symbols such as the knot of Hercules representing eternal love. Roman jewelers also produced many jewels. Ancient rings of the time are still preserved with images of Roman gods along with military figures and symbols of the time.

The rings were not only created as an ornament or symbol of power. In medieval times, many silver and bronze were used as signature and stamp of different documents.

Crown jewels

Many works of art reflect the grandeur of royal families with curly hands. The most important personages of the history shine “jewels of the crown”, pertaining to the real family and that are transmitted between generations. These jewels include crowns, precious stones, swords, scepters or ancient rings.

In short, the diversity of personal stories behind the old jewels is what gives the true value.