The necklace is a jewel that has evolved throughout history. Basically it can be defined as a collar adjusted to the neck that depending on the materials used can give different results to the look that is pursued. One of the most elegant, it is the diamond necklace, which is one of the most attractive jewels of all time.

Diamond Necklace, an elegant accessory

The necklaces are in itself a complement that adds to your set a special charisma. If you opt for the diamond necklace, you will know that the look you choose should accompany this piece.

The diamond necklaces are an extraordinary way to display these precious stones. So the outfit that you choose to combine, must be almost minimalist to get the necklace to be the protagonist. At the same time, the type of neckline can be pronounced or discreet, even combining well with asymmetric cuts.

Different styles and models

There are necklaces of many types that are setting trends according to the time. There are many styles: romantic, made with velvet ribbons; punk, leather; belle époque, of pearls imitating cords; or the classic, the most quoted model made in bright.

The length of the necklace is another feature that will determine the piece. It should fit comfortably around the base of the neck, and may include a single pendant in the center, or several around the entire collar. There are also some with a single pendant behind, falling down the back. The party dresses with vertigo necklines to the waist, are the most successful for this type of jewel.

The combination of the stones is another important factor in the designs of the necklaces. Stones can be small scattered throughout the necklace at random, or combined with other sizes imitating different shapes like flowers or elements of nature.

A very recognized and valued necklace is the one designed with garlands of diamonds. This type of diamond necklace, was very popular in the Georgian period.

Finally, glamor, elegance, exclusivity, are three adjectives that define perfectly the diamond necklace.