Vintage jewelry hides pieces from our past. Each jewel houses a small treasure of history, art and society of the 20th century. At present, many women demand rings, brooches, antique necklaces because they are pieces with a very particular style. They are the modern history created from the twenties.

Design of Antique Necklaces: innovation and glamor

The jewelry takes new directions and competes several artists and designers from other fields that are not exclusively jewelers. The center of fashion is no longer just Europe, but the New York trend also takes center stage.

We can find among the vintage jewels some Art Nouveau pieces, characteristic for the use of natural motifs such as leaves, flowers and animals. Many of the vintage collars that are preserved have this feature.

Gold is once again in fashion, and pieces made with straight lines, characteristic of Art Deco, are made. Many of these antique necklaces have curious shapes in which only metals are used or combined with precious stones or pearls.

The antique necklaces are sometimes chains worked with showy links combined with precious stones. The pendentif can be a large precious stone adorned with smaller ones. In some occasions, the pendant is formed by several pieces of gold on which other precious stones are linked that usually combine with a set of earrings and ring. A determinant of the design is the length of the necklace, which is chosen according to the garment with which it is worn.

Nostalgia and memory

In short, over the years has made us recover the vintage style in many of the arts and trends we have in the 21st century. It is back in fashion in construction, decoration, clothing and accessories such as jewelry. A antique necklaces can be the most glamorous accessory to achieve a different look.