One of the most memorable days for a woman is without a doubt the day of her wedding. Bridal jewelry is a very appreciated complement to achieve perfection on that day. The makeup, the hairstyle, the veil and the ‘Wedding Earrings’ will be the most appreciated along with the bridal dress.

Choice of the ‘Wedding Earrings’

Choosing the wedding jewelry is not easy as it is an essential part of the beauty of the bride. It is important to harmonize all the wedding jewels to obtain a refined result without overloading it.

The dress will be the determinant of the choice of jewelry for that moment. Depending on the cut of the dress and the neckline, the ideal necklace or brooch will be chosen. For example, asymmetric cuts go well with chokers or brooches. If the dress does not have a collar or braces, a longer necklace might be a good choice. Now, if the dress has a collar, you have to discard the necklace since it would not stand out at all. It’s time to focus on the earrings, which can vary the length according to the style of the bride.

The ‘Wedding Earrings’ are an essential piece

But it does not matter the cut of the dress and whether or not it bears a collar. The wedding earrings are of many types and you never have to give them up.

In the case of imposing necklaces, it is more prudent to take a ‘bride earrings’ model discreet enough not to overload the style. You always have to keep your balance.

Brides choose their dress according to their style and morphology to highlight their virtues. Choosing the earrings follows the same logic, if the dress is very sophisticated, delicate jewelry will be preferred so as not to overload the outfit. The white gold earrings inlaid with diamonds can be a hit, and the style will depend on each wedding.