The earrings are very appreciated pieces in jewelry. They can be combined with different looks, always giving a special touch for every occasion. Therefore, gold earrings are the perfect complement to luxury. They will always add an extra brightness to every moment they take.

The size of gold earrings

Gold earrings are jewels that, depending on the design, can be perfect for everyday use. Gold jewelry is always a success because normally they are very flattering. One of the metals most used and sought by the joyersos is gold. In addition, any of the existing types of gold are ideal for a single color or combining them between them.

The length of the earrings is a very important feature when choosing them. Although the world can be divided between those who prefer long or short, it is clear that gold is the most relevant. Whatever the size, they are the essential shot for the day to day or for a party. It is also said that the size of the earrings is inversely proportional to the length of the hair; with what the long earrings of gold, with precious stones or simply carved, would be a success for women with short hair. While small, would be flattering for people with long hair. Therefore, hair length is often a determining factor for choosing slopes.

Shocking style

Gold earrings are essential gems in the day of most women. For special events, tend to choose long, and if they are reloaded, the tendency is that the jewelry that accompanies them are more discreet. Far from being a passing trend, the earrings have survived all times, adapting to the tastes and aesthetic demands of women.