The earrings are a gem that have undergone several changes of style throughout history. Basically you can say that it is one of the jewels that more personality can give to the face of a woman. The materials used are the difference in the result of the look that is pursued. One of the most elegant, are the vintage diamonds earrings; a very attractive and flattering complement that can be used in different occasions.

Vintage diamonds earrings, an elegant complement

The earrings are in themselves a complement that adds a special charisma to the face. The luminosity of the materials used, the style and the length of the earrings, contribute to the personality of the pieces.

Jewelry in the vintage era takes new directions and competes with other arts such as painting and sculpture. Among the vintage earrings of this time, we can find reasons for nature such as flowers, spikes, leaves, animals, and insects like the dragonfly. This is characteristic of Art Nouveau.

Also, gold and platinum are in fashion. Numerous pieces are made with straight and symmetrical lines, characteristic of Art Deco. In many vintage earrings only metals are used or combined with precious stones or pearls.

The brilliant is the stone par excellence in jewelry

Much of the vintage diamond earrings are small works of art, where a large precious stone is accompanied by smaller ones forming a figure like a flower, a bow or an insect. A determinant of the design is the length of the slopes, which is chosen according to the physiognomic characteristics of the person who carries them.

Definitely, vintage jewelry is a small treasure of 20th century society. Nowadays, this type of accessories are very demanded, besides the vintage diamonds earrings are an extraordinary way to exhibit these precious stones.