Art Deco is famous for its jewels, for fashion, for art and for architecture. Around the thirties, the introduction of fashion with lightweight fabrics, led jewelers to create delicate jewelry, many of them mounted in platinum. The hairstyles also changed and the new short hair fashion had a direct impact on the Art Deco earrings.

Accessories and Art Deco earrings

Women follow the fashion of Parisian clothing and combine it with accessories exclusively designed for these garments. For example, the short sleeve favored wearing multiple bracelets on the same arm. Hats are another important accessory of the moment and were worn with short hair and long Art Deco earrings that reached almost to the shoulders.

Materials employed

Exotic stones such as coral, jade, amber and onyx are used. White gold is often replaced by platinum. More affordable gemstones are introduced, such as amethyst, topaz or citrine. New materials come into play such as nickel-plated or chrome-plated metal, stainless steel, aluminum and lacquer. In addition, carved pieces of wood come into play. There is also progress in the size of the stones, the biggest ones become fashionable. That is why we keep wonderful Art Deco earrings with large stones as protagonists, many of them brilliant.

Definitely, the seduction of Art Deco and its success is due to the fact that it is not a forced style or that it was wanted to impose. It simply arises from the concern of different artists who bring style to everyday life and who adapt it to the needs and tastes of the time. The same happens in jewelry: pieces that favor women are sought, and the best examples are the Art Deco earrings.