For hundreds of years, men and women have adorned the ears with different elements found in nature: shells, seeds, roots, wood, fangs … The length of the earrings was varying depending on the fashions and hairstyles. A very appreciated jewelry was that of a couple of centuries ago, where 19th century necklaces, rings and earrings reached a great artistic value.

The trend in 19th century earrings

The long earrings with different styles are the best known of the time. It was common to find them with chains that were connected to each other forming garlands with precious stones. At this time, with the development of different techniques, France was the driving force of many pieces of interest; they are like this the nineteenth century earrings with cameos. They are figures engraved on hard stones like agate that are later incorporated into the pieces.

Bright and pearls on 19th century earrings

The brilliants and the pearls are two key elements of this jewelry. Around 1890, the gemstone par excellence was the diamond. This was largely due to the discovery of diamond mines in South Africa. It was very common at the time to have several pairs of small diamond earrings to use during the day. While for the night, those who had a larger diamond with more precious stones or pearls were reserved.

The pearl trade also meant an important element in jewelry. At the end of the 18th century and the beginning of the 19th century, especially jewelers demanded pearls from the Arabian coast. Pearls became a common element in the jewelry of this era, as combined with gold and diamonds were a symbol of power.

At present, the choice of 19th century earrings is a sure hit to give a look an element of distinction and elegance.