The vintage jewels are those that have traveled through the ages and have come to us with a spirit and history that give them the true value. Among the jewels of this era, some very remarkable are the antique earrings.

Antique earrings style

The vintage jewelry is elegant and produces a glamorous effect that is perfect to wear on special occasions. They are jewels of about fifty years ago that have character and that are very elegant.

Many of the antique earrings are pieces with representations of elements of nature. This is a characteristic of Art Nouveau where feminine forms, flowers and insects like dragonflies are common. Jewelry makers normally used gold, silver and platinum combined with precious stones, with corals, pearls and other materials that gave surprising results. The enameled Plique-à-jour, widely used by René Lalique, provided each piece with brilliance and delicacy.

Materials in antique earrings

Diamonds are the gemstone par excellence of this era. Different sizes were combined to enrich the design of the earrings. In many pieces you can see brilliant cut, baguette size and navette size intermingled to achieve the effect desired by the jeweler. The brilliants were also combined with other stones to achieve different shapes. It was common to find aquamarines, sapphires, amethysts, emeralds, opals, and other gems in the making of vintage earrings.

Platinum dominated much of this time, which played an important role in the making of high jewelry. The sets of earrings, choker and platinum ring were part of the jewelers of the aristocracy of the moment.

Currently, having a piece from this period can be a sign of distinction. The antique earrings have character at the same time they are delicate jewels that will not leave anyone indifferent.