One of the most special moments of a man or woman is the day of their wedding. All the gentlemen who participate in the ceremony will look for elegance with the suit and accessories. The tie, the shirt, the shoes … everything must be meticulously selected. There is a discrete piece that will be a factor to mark the style of the look: the cufflinks. This jewel is going to be called ‘Wedding Cufflinks’. They are the detail purchased and searched for that day, and will always be kept remembering that special date.

How to choose the ‘Wedding Cufflinks’

The cufflinks are jewels, the way to accentuate a style discreetly. Normally they go unnoticed, but they are the elegance note of a good suit. The one who chooses the ‘Wedding Cufflinks’ will not only take into account the taste of the one who takes them, but also everything that surrounds the wedding. If it is a classic and traditional wedding, if it is high standing or if it is more informal and simple. There are as many types of ‘Wedding Cufflinks’ as styles of shirts and weddings.

Types of ‘Wedding Cufflinks’

The models will be determined by the style and materials used. The shirts should be with a French fist, with two eyelets instead of one. So much the tuxedo, the tailcoat or the morning coat, will demand to use shirts prepared to take cufflinks. These will always be hidden under the sleeve of the suit, and will only be visible if the groom takes off his jacket or bends his arm. In this way they will discreetly protrude from the sleeve of the suit and have the surprise effect for everyone who perceives it.

For the result to be the desired one, the type and color of the cufflinks must accompany the tie and the watch. There are nacre, enamel, gold, silver, inlaid with precious stones. The reasons for the ‘Wedding Cufflinks’ will be as diverse as wearing the couple’s initials or wedding date.