The cufflinks are an article that is already quite original because it is not used many times. You can only resort to them if you have the right shirt, so you will usually leave the jeweler for events that use shirts with a French fist. Grooms, people who hold a high position in a company, lawyers, politicians or executives of high level usually use cufflinks, because they are a symbol of elegance. There are twins of many types, which depend on the taste of each and the occasion. Some of the most chosen are the ‘Gold Cufflinks’, the noble material par excellence chosen by most prestigious men.

The elegance of the ‘Gold Cufflinks’

The ‘gold cufflinks’ are the most elegant expression that complement a special look. If you are looking for what kind of cufflinks is the right one, you have to think that you should combine it with the watch, the tie and the color of the shirt. The style of the twin will be marked by the materials used and gold is the symbol of distinction par excellence. They can be unique pieces of carved gold or inlaid with nacre, sapphires, onyx, enamel, rubies or emeralds. The color of the cufflinks will be conditioned by these noble materials and by gold, which may be white, yellow or pink.

Types of closure in the ‘gold cufflinks’

The way in which the cufflink is hooked in the buttonhole of the cuff of the shirt is decisive for the design of the cufflink.

Gold chain closure. It is the most traditional and provide a classic and sophisticated touch. Only the two buttons would be seen and the chain would be inside the cuff of the shirt.
Close button. They tend to be threaded. They are elegant and discreet.
Rocker closing. It contains a bar that is simply inserted into the buttonhole of the shirt, leaving the button visible on one side. Many of the ‘gold twins’ use this type of classic closure.
The ‘Gold Cufflinks’ can be old or newly created. They will always be a special piece of the male jeweler or, at times, part of the feminine.