One of the most special days of a woman is undoubtedly her wedding day. Bridal jewelry is the ideal complement to have the perfect appearance. There is a jewel in particular that will not go unnoticed and that is rarely taken into account: bridal brooches.

Brooches for brides for the day of the wedding

Everything is ready: the dress is chosen according to the style of the bride. The shoes will carry the perfect height for the occasion. The delicate underwear is chosen. And the jewels? Will they be chosen by the bride, by the mother or by her best friend? Will they be part of an inheritance, a family memory or will they be a new acquisition? If the dress is one of the most important elements in a bridal ceremony, the jewels and, specifically, the bridal brooches, can be the ideal complement to enhance that dress.

Accessories protagonists that complement the bridal style

All the guests will stare at the bride’s dress. To have a perfect look, accessories that will complete the look should not be overlooked.

Weeding brooches fantastically complement the asymmetric neckline dresses, since the choice of a necklace would not be the right thing.

For those who opt for the minimal ethyl with closed necklines, discreet gold or platinum brooches with diamonds or pearls are perfect. This combination is perfect for brides fleeing the dresses full of folds and exaggerated volumes.

Do not just think about wearing the wedding brooches in the dress. If the bridal look is a bit more daring and you opt for transparencies or lace, wedding brooches are a good hair accessory.

Wedding brooches are also ideal in a belt for the waist, or for the front type 20 years.

In short, the brooch is an elegant and successful article not to recharge the bridal look.