The brooch is the direct descendant of the fibula, used in Roman times in a utilitarian way. Nowadays, the brooch is an exclusive accessory worn by many women and men to enhance garments. The gold brooches are fashionable; They look in dresses, handkerchiefs and jackets, or even in the hair. We could say that they are magical because they transform any type of garment making it more sexy or more formal.

The gold clasps are timeless

Older and younger generations, use the brooches integrating them in the most particular style of each one. Queen Elizabeth II is famous for the countless gold brooches she loves to wear. They are usually made of white gold, the preferred material to combine with precious stones such as diamonds. The classicism of the queen is clear in her dress and style. Always decide to put the brooch on the left side, a little above the height of the chest.

When and how to wear the gold brooches

Because it is made of gold, it is a jewel that must be given the importance and value it deserves. We are talking about pieces that are far from fantasy or costume jewelry that can be worn with more casual clothing.

Depending on the style of each person, not always the necklace is the ideal complement, as it may not combine well with certain necklines or earrings. They are ideal to show off at events, formal meetings and parties. Never leave the same brooch in the same garment as it will stop giving the value that the jewel has.

Different ways to carry gold brooches 

The gold clasp can be used on the lapel of a jacket. Another way to wear it in closing a blouse, emulating the vintage era. They are tremendously elegant in winter, wearing them in long coats, scarves and hats.

At a party, you can bet on a bun highlighted with a piece of high jewelry. A brooch of white gold or yellow gold would be the ideal complement in a hairstyle.

Definitely, gold brooches are the ideal complement for an elegant and unique style.