The diamond brooches are the key piece in all jewelries. It is a safe bet for all those who decide to acquire it since there are not many pieces. At the same time, the diamond is the king of all precious stones. Carrying a jewel as exclusive as this one will only be possible for a privileged few.

Diamond brooches, a statement of style

The brooches are a piece of jewelry that is often admired; they are a statement of style in the chest, in a hat, in a handkerchief, or in a purse. Even, they are often seen in bands of royalty.

Some relevant characters have been admired for wearing brooches with diamonds, unique pieces that have become famous in their own right.

Three diamond brooches that are history

Queen Elizabeth II is known for wearing large brooches with diamonds that belonged to her ancestors. The most famous of the brooches is the one that bears the incredible brilliant Cullinan III (pear shaped) and Cullinan IV (square shaped). The brooch is very simple, but what is striking is the incredible size of the two diamonds.

The Duchess of Windsor is another real character that boasts of having one of the most famous brooch of all time. It is the ‘Panther of Cartier’ which has embedded bright colorless, bright yellow and sapphire. It is an icon in jewelry.

Bulgari is another prestigious jewelry, famous because many well-known characters wear their creations. Edie Fisher (one of the husbands of Elizabeth Taylor) gave a wonderful brooch in the shape of flowers to try to maintain his tortuous relationship with the actress. The brooch is made with diamonds, emeralds and platinum.

Diamond brooches, be they famous or not, are always created and used to show a deep feeling of love, wealth and good taste.