Originally, the brooches were used only to hold two parts of a garment. Already in Roman times this type of hook called fibula was used. The old brooches go from being a utilitarian element to decorative in the early eighteenth century.

The antique brooches are a special jewel

The rings, necklaces, bracelets or earrings are ornaments that are normally in contact with the skin. The brooches, on the other hand, highlight the garment to the point of making it unique and personal. Nowadays, using the old brooches is the best way to give expression to any garment and turn it into an exclusive model.

Antique brooches, a fashion phenomenon

The design of the brooches is infinitely creative; In fact, the variations are numerous. You can play with the shape, being round, square, elongated, symmetrical or asymmetric, abstract or realistic. The design can be defined by the materials used (gold, silver, bronze, platinum), by the size, or even by the type of closure or pin that is used.

Like most valued antique brooches, we can mention those of Art Deco style, Art Nouveau, Victorian or Edwardian style. The brooches can be mere compositions of precious stones or represent organic elements with amazing results. The most prominent are dragonflies, butterflies, plant elements, imitations of lace … There are real works of art for all tastes.

Another style that marked an entire era, at the beginning of the 20th century, is that created by the jeweler Lalique. The enamel was a new element incorporated with which he achieved transparencies and games of true poetic lights.

Today, this jewelry accessory is a chic element of fashion. Elegance requires having several types of pins in the jeweler to get it right every time it is used. A simple clothing model can be simply enhanced with an elegant brooch.

In short, you can always find in antique brooches your ideal accessory to express your personality.