Bracelets are one of the oldest accessories in jewelry. They have been used around the world for millennia. Archaeologists have discovered bracelets with bracelets in ancient tombs and Mayan, Russian, Viking, South Asian, Roman, Greek and African ruins. Currently, we can say that the most appreciated are the gold bracelets because they are unique. The nobility of metal and its value can last a lifetime.

Gold bracelets, a classic in jewelry

Only the word ‘gold’ attracts the idea of ​​power, wealth, beauty and value in jewelry. Gold is a beautiful metal that is used to make timeless jewelry. In addition, gold bracelets are a basic complement that has many styles according to color, design and time.

The color of gold can vary according to the treatment that is given. Yellow is the original color of pure gold. Now, if you add another metal such as copper, silver, or zinc, the gold becomes paler and can acquire pink tones.

The white color is achieved through a careful choice of alloy metals, which whiten the intense yellow of pure gold. It is interesting to note that it was originally developed in the 1920s as a substitute for platinum.

Gold bracelets are trend

Nowadays, gold is fashionable. For this reason, high-end shop windows are again covered with different styles that vary according to the details of the accessory. The work of the jeweler and the designer are crucial for the final result of the complement. Trend is the wide and rigid bracelets, bracelet type. It is also common to see the exclusive sparkling bracelets and other precious stones. If you look for something simpler, there are very combinable gold bracelets formed by thin chains that give several turns to the wrist.