There are many types of bracelets, as many as styles or tastes of those who decide to wear them. Depending on the occasion, the choice of this jewel will cause different effects. But if there are some jewelry par excellence, which can show the character and sensitivity of a person, are the charm bracelets.

Charm Bracelets have their own personality

These bracelets, more than any other jewel, have a very peculiar charm since they reflect the personality of its owner. The pendants symbolize different moments and experiences of the life of the user who is usually female. They are charged with feeling since all the charms they carry are related to something particular to the life of the woman. The jeweler tries to represent a feeling or meaning in small pieces that hang from the bracelet.

What do charm bracelets represent?

This jewel can be purchased already designed, or make an order for all pendants. In the middle of the last century, high jewelry frequently demanded charm bracelets. They used to be of yellow gold and were inserted, always by jeweler, small jewels chosen by the buyer.

The charm bracelets are the trend today. The types of pendants are as varied as the imagination: Signs of the zodiac, animals, amulets, initials, messages, medals, religious signs, ancient coins …

To make the accessories of the bracelets, very varied materials are used. The metal is mostly the same as that of the bracelet; usually gold, silver or platinum. This is combined with other elements that are what give the character of the jewel. Alabaster, pearls, coral, nacre, enamel … Precious stones are also in great demand, increasing the value of the bracelet.

From the choice of pendants, the jeweler will complete the bracelet. The character and feelings are activated in the mind of anyone who carries it, because all carry a message according to the personality of its owner.