The bracelets are an ornament that is worn around the wrist and whose purpose today is mainly aesthetic. All the civilizations of which some type of personal ornament is preserved used bracelets. The antique bracelets, therefore, are a common element in all periods. But they have not always been for ornamental purposes. It is known that many cultures used them to differentiate castes or tribes or was an article that served as an amulet. They could also be used to cover the arms and not leave them uncovered.

Varied designs of antique bracelets

The designs over the centuries have been changing. According to the time, it was common to see them with a single ring, open, inlaid, wide, thin, with animals, bracelet type, cord or chain. There are also old ones with very elaborate pendants. Each pendentif is already a jewel that was incorporated into the bracelet.

The style of the antique bracelets is relevant

Antique gold or platinum bracelets inlaid with precious stones are much appreciated. There are works of art, where the jeweler’s work comes to life on the wrist of the one who carries it.

In the middle of the last century, bracelets with charms are especially important. These could be coins, symbols of the zodiac, figurines, precious stones or animals, among others.

If you have decided to wear antique bracelets, it is important that they combine with the appropriate look. Although the old term is very broad, it is true that not all bracelets produce the same effect. The sleeve of the shirt or dress will also be a determinant for the choice. Bracelets, for example, can only be worn with dresses or shirts without sleeves or with them very short. Finally, the style of the watch should be combined with the bracelet if what you are looking for is an elegant and classic result.